Gellyball is for Kids of all ages!

This is perfect for birthday parties and family outings with your young ones. With the introduction of GellyBall products we can now lower the age limit from 8 to 5 years old (excluding Traditional & Low Impact Paintball).

GellyBall is a sporting goods product that shoots a soft Gellyball that produces a water Splat. The Ammo is 100% biodegradable, non toxic, resists stains, and easily washes away with water. GellyBalls makers hold 750 shots without reloading. These are easy to use battery operated markers that shoot a water orb which allows for a much lighter impact and no mess. All your kids have to do is pull the trigger and they shoot!

  • Ages 5 to 8
  • No Staining or Mess
  • Slower Speed
  • Smaller ball
  • Less Energy at Impact
  • Light weight easy use markers
  • 100% Perfect for Kids Parties

GellyBall Party - $40 per person
Minimum 8 participants


  • 2 Hour Party Time
  • 6-10 games (Based on how much everyone wants to play)
  • GellyBall Blasters
  • Goggles or Safety Glasses
  • Unlimited GellyBalls Per Player
  • Private Party Host
  • Exclusive Field Access + Live Gaming Arena Access
  • 2 Glow Games per person (Interactive Games System)
  • Private Staging Area
  • Ages 4+
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Gellyball Parties at Impact Action Sports make planning a party easy!

Your reservation includes exclusive field access, a dedicated referee and private staging area for up to 2 hours. Each player gets a Gellyball marker, safety goggles and unlimited gellyballs for the duration of your event. Our covered staging areas provide a place for players and spectators to hang out in between rounds. Our dedicated staff will take care of hosting your event, explaining gameplay and getting everyone on and off the field safely. Sit back and relax or join in the fun and let us take care of the rest!

What if we don’t have 8 participants?

We recommend 6-10 players for everyone to have fun. You can still have a party with less the 8 players, but you will be charged for a minimum of 8.

How long do gellyball parties last?

Gellyball reservations are for 2 hours. Parties can spend all 2-hours playing or 1 ½ hours playing and ½ hour for pizza, cake presents or whatever party plans you want!

What if a player runs out of ammo?

Each hopper holds 750 rounds per game. We let the kids know to not just hold the trigger down, but to shoot in burst and fire at their targets. If they are having a blast and shoot through all their ammo, we reload everyone’s hoppers in between rounds and start the next game fully loaded.

Can we bring food? Cake? Pizza? Drinks?

YES!! Bring anything you want to make it your party.
Bring in your own decorations, food, drinks (just no alcohol). We sell water, Gatorade, energy drinks, snacks, but if you want to bring your own, help yourself. We have partnered with Bellagios pizza to get you a 15% discount and they deliver to all our location but feel free to use anyone you want! Make it your party!

Can we reserve a table for our birthday party?

It’s automatically done for you! When you do your private party reservation online, we will make sure we have space for you. Each section includes picnic tables that easily seat your party.

What is the minimum age and can girls play?

We suggest 4 as the minimum age.
And YES! Girls are always welcome at Impact Action Sports.

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