Paintball Fun in
Portland, OR

Our paintball experience is the perfect choice for an adrenaline-filled day of action!

Paintball at Impact Action Sports

Our paintball field is open 7 days a week, so there’s always an opportunity for you to emerge on the battlefield. Whether you’re playing individually or in a group, we have pricing packages to suit your needs. For social events like birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and corporate events, our 10+ player private groups are tailored to you.

Available Packages

Get Your Group Together for an Action Packed Day of Fun

Individual Pricing: Open Play

Get ready for the ultimate paintball battle!

Take your pick from our thrilling paintball packages for the ultimate gaming experience. Rental packages include entry, rental & paint.


Rental Packages:

Includes Entry, Rental, & Paint



•Field Admission
• Unlimited Air Fills
• Basic Marker
• Field Mask
•Pod Pack with 2 Pods
•500 Paintballs



• Field Admission
. Unlimited Air Fills
• Upgraded Marker
• Thermal Mask
• Pod Pack with 2 Pods
• 500 Paintballs



• Field Admission
• Unlimited Air Fills
• Tournament Marker
• Thermal Mask
• Pod Pack with 3 Pods
• 500 Paintballs



• Field Admission
• Unlimited Air Fills
• Tactical Marker
• Thermal Mask
• Tac Vest with 4 Pod
• 500 Paintballs

Group pricing

4 Or More Players


Per Person Plus Paint

• Semi-Automatic Markers
• Unlimited HPA/CO2 Refills
• Rental Mask
• Pod Pack with Pods

Paint Pricing

  • 1 Bag (500 Paintballs) – $25

  • Buy 4 Bags Get 1 Free (Save 20%)


Add-Ons and upgrades


Field Entry

$25 per Person

Basic Rental

$10 per Person

Upgrade Rental

$20 per Person

Tournament Rental:

$30 per person

Tactical Rental

$40 per Person

Other Add-Ons:

Pod Pack Rental - $5 HPA/CO2 Tank Rental - $5 Field Mask Rental - $5 Thermal Mask Rental - $10

Gift Certificates Available

Discover incredible savings with our annual VIP pass and our NEW VIP+ monthly pass.


VIP Membership

Discounted Entry, Paint, & Proshop + Free Rentals



VIP+ Membership

Unlimited Open Play all year!



VIP + Annual Membership

Unlimited Open Play all year! Save with a full-year purchase.



Get ready to hit the field! Book now for a unique and fun paintball adventure.